Shopping for Running Shoes in Sioux Falls SD

Shopping for Running Shoes in Sioux Falls SD

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When hitting the trails, it is important to make sure your running shoes are in fighting shape.  This means that you might have to purchase new shoes and this can be quite stressful.  Here are a couple suggestions when going out and shopping for a new pair of running shoes in Sioux Falls SD:

Running Shoes Suggestions in Sioux Falls SD

  1. First, find a store that you can trust.  The stores to look for will have a knowledgeable staff that will provide you with an individualized experience.  The truth is that nobody has the same needs when it comes to buying shoes.  One person may like ASICS brand, but may need New Balance.  The shoe salesman should know that different companies have different models that they base every shoe model upon.
  2. The different brands and models brings up the second point.  Each model has different colors, design, etc., but when buying shoes, go for the comfort and fit instead of looks.  Many people, including myself, have the looks of the shoe at one of the top priorities.  This needs to be secondary since you will be running with these shoes instead of attending a Gala or going out on the town.  There was a study done by Foot Levelers, an orthotics manufacturer, that showed that the feet are a crucial starting point when considering other pains that are occurring higher up in your body.  This should help drive home the reasoning behind going after the shoe that works, before considering the shoe that looks great!
  3. Lastly, ask the staff if you would have a trial period and/or a treadmill to try the shoes out.  There is a difference between walking and running.  The only way to fully test the shoes is to actually run in them.  You will know if the shoes will work within a short period of running.

Visit the doctors at Bridges Chiropractic to get your shoes checked.  Make an Appointment today to make sure your body is healthy and ready to take on the trails!


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