What Are Orthotics in Sioux Falls SD?

What Are Orthotics in Sioux Falls SD?

What Are Orthotics in Sioux Falls SD?

Orthotics in Sioux Falls SD are available over the counter or often times by prescription.  The purpose of wearing orthotics is to properly align your feet to avoid or treat injuries.  Only about one in four people has a normal running pattern.  The rest of the population either Overpronates or Supinates.  This means that when their heel strikes the ground the foot either turns too much inward or not inward enough.

Orthotics use in Sioux Falls SD

Orthotics help correct the imbalances by giving the proper amount of support to the foot.  They are often used for more than just foot injuries, since improper biomechanics in the feet can translate to imbalances further up the leg and even into the spine.

Prescription orthotics often need to be worn for one to two weeks before they are properly broken in.  During this period, it is common to feel some discomfort until you get accustomed to them.  One of the best things to do to alleviate the pain during the transitional period is to ease into them.  Wear the orthotics for an hour or two the first day or until the feet get sore and gradually increase the time each day and week until there is no discomfort while wearing the orthotics.  Remember there is a structural change happening, so it will take some time for the foot to adapt.

Orthotics are designed to prevent injury and reduce pain by restoring proper alignment, but they also can have a beneficial effect on performance due to their effect on the muscles.  By restoring proper alignment, the muscles are positively affected and any imbalances that were present are corrected.  Orthotics have been proven to reduce fatigue, increase range of motion and increase strength over a period of regular use.

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