Household Back Hazards in Sioux Falls SD

Household Back Hazards in Sioux Falls SD

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Dr. Brayer has a video here about household back hazards in Sioux Falls SD.  It is a good one to watch if you would like to see examples of bad habits that can cause structural changes.  At the end he was rushed, so I'll give it my best shot at guessing what he was going to say.

Bad habits cause structural changes in Sioux Falls SD

When sitting at a computer desk the tendency is to roll the shoulders forward and look down at the screen and maybe your hands as you type.  When you roll the shoulders forward it cause stress on the muscles of the midback and shoulder.  When you look down at the screen, it causes the head to roll forward and straightens out the spine in the process.  This is bad for two reasons:

1. It straightens out the spine, which puts more pressure at the top (behind your head) and the bottom (where the neck meets the shoulders) of the straightened spine.

2.  It puts the weight of the head further out from the body, which puts more strain on the muscles in the back of the neck.

So, when you are sitting at your computer the best thing to do is to raise the screen to eye level so you don't have to look down and to sit feet flat on the floor with the computer directly in front of you legs uncrossed and head above shoulders above waist with the shoulder blades rolled back and down.  And you thought you knew how to sit!!!

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