Tips For Preventing Cardiovascular Disease in Sioux Falls SD

Tips For Preventing Cardiovascular Disease in Sioux Falls SD

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For the past couple weeks we have been posting about simple ways to help prevent cardiovascular disease in Sioux Falls SD.  The blog posts here are intended to give a few ideas to implement into one's life to keep them healthy so they can keep running/jogging/walking (hopefully not crawling) on the trail of life.  Without further ado, here are the posts:

Help yourself stay active in Sioux Falls SD

Did you know? A lack of sleep can double the risk of heart disease, especially if you get less than five hours of sleep a night. So sleep tight and whatever you do, do NOT let the bedbugs bite!

Chronic stress can increase blood pressure, cholesterol and lead to weight gain. All these things may eventually lead to cardiovascular disease. Bottom line: Deal with those things that need to be dealt with and let everything else go this weekend.

Gum disease: the silent killer! Seriously, it sounds like a bad joke (which are my favorite by the way), but it is somewhat true! Gum disease has been shown to nearly double the chances of fatal heart attacks and it is estimated that around 75% of adults live with periodontal disease. So go get your stinky breath checked out for goodness sake!

Walking for 30 minutes at least five days a week can reduce the chance of a heart attack by up to 50%, so get out and enjoy the last warm days while they last!

Those are the pure, unadulterated posts as they posted over the past couple weeks. They are by no means comprehensive. Things such as losing weight, cessation of smoking, eating properly (more greens, less processed sugar), drinking water and getting adjusted have all shown positive, heart healthy effects. To find out more, Make an Appointment with the knowledgeable, friendly docs at Bridges Chiropractic today.


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