Morton’s Neuroma in Sioux Falls SD

Morton's Neuroma in Sioux Falls SD

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Morton's Neuroma in Sioux Falls SD is a painful condition that affects the ball of the foot, usually between the third and fourth toes.

What causes Morton's Neuroma in Sioux Falls SD?

It is caused by a thickening of the tissue surrounding the nerves in the foot and often causes a sharp, burning pain or numbness.  It commonly feels as though you are standing on a pebble or that there is a fold in your sock.  Pain is usually relieved to some degree by removing footwear and increased by squeezing the forefoot.  Morton's Neuroma may occur as a response to injury or chronic irritation.

Since Morton's Neuroma is often caused by irritation due to increased pressure between the bones of the forefoot, prevention and treatment typically center around reducing this pressure.  The first thing to examine is the bones and their relationship to one another.  If there is a misalignment of the bones in relation to each other, or a Subluxation, it may affect the biomechanics of the joints and muscles and make the runner more susceptible to injuries like Morton's Neuroma.  Choosing footwear that is loose in the toes and utilizing padding or arch supports may also help decrease pain.  Regular ice massage will also help manage symptoms and relieve pain and irritation.  The thing to remember is that it is best to begin addressing the problem before it gets too serious.  If the problem is left too long, it may be necessary to rest for a period of time and that is a point no runner wants to reach.

At Bridges Chiropractic, we want to allow runners to stay focused on their passion, running.  To find out more about how to prevent or treat Morton's Neuroma, Make an Appointment with Bridges Chiropractic today!


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